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Christian Adamek’s Tragic Death

Posted On: October 13, 2013 | By Linda Kenney Baden

Here are some comments from social media to Linda Kenney Baden about the death of Christian Adamek. Read our post in Worst Play Ever on this tragic teen suicide.

I think it’s sick…and the cops and prosecutors are adults who when they were young were most assuredly doing the same types of things they now stand stone faced before TV cameras and denounce as criminal…it’s the human body…hasn’t anyone in Alabama ever seen a penis??????

This is just ridiculous… we had streakers when I was in High School. Is this country going Crazy???? Kid was just being a kid. He couldn’t have been that bad that they gave him Indecent exposure?? This country needs to RELAX. to late for that young man though….. huh?

It’s just a streak !! Think they went too far with this with charging him which caused his suicide!!

Zero tolerance out of control

I think that is insane. poor kid killed himself because he ran naked. that’s nothing… sorry he’s a kid.. kids do silly things…It breaks my heart a young person took their life because of this

A real failure of the justice system. Sickening and deplorable.


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