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Tamara Holder: Danger to society: former NFL WR Braylon Edwards

Posted On: October 8, 2013 | By Tamara N. Holder
Braylon Edwards selfie

Braylon Edwards selfie

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Warning to all – from nightclub goers to pedestrians: if former NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards pops up where you are partying, driving, or working, it is time to leave.

At a certain point, Edwards must give just a smidge of thought to his patterns that lead to the same outcomes: fights at bars, arrests for drinking, and constant public ridicule.

At a certain point, Edwards must come to terms that he is a 30 year old, grown-ass man that shouldn’t be at the bars until the wee hours of the morning, and that it’s time to take personal responsibility for his immature & dangerous behavior.

At a certain point, Edwards must realize that his arrest record is longer than his resume. Not cute.

Arrest record:

  • August 2008: Edwards is stopped at 2:30 am for driving 120 mph (in his Bentley) in a 65 mph zone on the highway in Avon Lake (OH). The stop occurs in the early morning & the officer sees the passenger had vomited on the dashboard. The officer lets Edwards go without citation but he is later ticketed (and the officer is reprimanded). November 2008: Edwards pleads no contest & is sentenced to community service and fined $150.00
  • March 2009: Then-NFL wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns Donte Stallworth is arrested for (and pleads guilty to) DUI manslaughter after hitting & killing a man crossing the street in Miami (FL). Stallworth states that he was drinking tequila with Edwards at approximately 2:00 am, before the incident.
  • October 2009: Edwards punches a promoter outside a Cleveland (OH) nightclub at approximately 2:3o am. January 2010: Edwards pleads guilty in Cleveland (OH) to misdemeanor aggravated disorderly conduct for punching friend of NBA player LeBron James outside of a club.
  • September 2010: Edwards arrested for Driving while Intoxicated in Manhattan (NY) at 5:00 in the morning, after stating he was driving home from a party. In May of 2011, he pleads guilty to the charge and was sentenced to probation.
  • August 2001: Edwards and approximately 20 of his friends are involved in an early morning bar fight in Birmingham (MI). Two bouncers are stabbed & his cousins (Edmund & Tre Wright) are arrested for felony assault. Edwards was not charged.
  • NOW THE MOST RECENT INCIDENT: A video from last weekend – released to TMZ – shows Edwards push a man down outside of a nightclub. Edwards denies responsibility and…claims ANOTHER person is trying to “come up” off of his “status.”

    Braylon Edwards's twitter feed (Courtesy of Twitter)

    Braylon Edwards’s twitter feed (Courtesy of Twitter)

Edwards’ only status is “repeat offender” and “unemployed, former NFL player.” Time for Edwards start taking responsibility, stop making innocent people his victims, and get drug/alcohol and anger therapy. He has run out of his “status” hall passes.

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One Response to "Tamara Holder: Danger to society: former NFL WR Braylon Edwards"

  1. When will the NFL and post NFL players learn they were just that football players..not Gods. Life isn’t just for them.. they have to grow up and play fair.

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