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NEWSFLASH! To Manish Mehta & NY Daily News- Women in Sports Are Professionals not Jokes!

Posted On: November 18, 2013 | By Linda Kenney Baden

Manish Mehta Daily News Women Comment Article Screen in Article about NYJets v BuffaloBills  2013-11-18


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Here is a screenshot of the beginning paragraph of an article in the NY DAILY NEWS by the New York Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta about the Jets’ loss to the Buffalo Bills. In some attempt at humor he wrote that the Jets had “entered the pantheon on the worlds’ greatest mysteries…the Bermuda Triangle, Jack the Ripper , the Lost City of Atlantis and, of course, women.”  This statement deserves  a mention in this weeks Sports Court Media Worst Play Ever  section. If I were Manish Mehta commenting on his own article perhaps he would say Manish should stop being so  mannish. But that would be inappropriate because it assumes that all men are typecast in the same mold- ignoramuses.

It is no secret that for a long time, the media has been trying  to harvest the women’s market in the sports world.  I have many friends and acquaintances who are involved in sports- male and female. And there is no doubt that there are many fabulous athletes who are female. Sports Court Media is owned by two women lawyers- myself and Tamara Holder. Tamara is also a Fox News Contributor. As to my record, as many of you know, I have represented clients involved in sports on both the civil and criminal side, and have been a legal commentator in the media in cases involving sports’ figures. I have also been involved in many high profile cases, so I understand the importance of the media in such matters.

In starting Sports Court Media, Tamara and I felt that there was a hole in the sports legal coverage. That the sports world so often evolved into courts of law, that there was a need for professional commentary from attorneys who could give a true legal perspective on such matters. We are also avid sports fans. I too am a Jets season ticket holder. I often use pictures of myself with props from my favorite teams on television like the Boston Red Sox or the NY Jets. Here is one from a recent HLN appearance.

Linda on HLN wearing her NY Jets Cap

So a word to the NY Daily News and Mr. Mehta. You are role models for how women are portrayed, viewed, and respected in the media sports world. And as such, you need to recognize that women are not caricatures. Women obtained the right to vote in the 1900s. The year is now 2013. Perhaps it is time to modernize?

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