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SUSPENDED! Oregon Ducks basketball players suspended for selling their sweet Nike kicks; college athletes should be paid

Posted On: November 6, 2013 | By Tamara N. Holder

oregon ducks WR Josh Huff

Oregon Ducks Domenic Artis (Courtesy AP/Julie Jacobson)

Oregon Ducks Domenic Artis (Courtesy AP/Julie Jacobson)

Quoting Sporting News:

The University of Oregon has suspended two sophomore basketball players following a violation of NCAA rules, according to a report. Dominic Artis and Ben Carter are expected to sit out a significant number of games this season after they — along with three former Ducks players — allegedly sold team-exclusive sneakers. The school sent out a press release on Tuesday evening confirming the suspensions, but has yet to announce their length. CBS Sports’ says their sources say Artis and Carter could be facing “up to nine games” on the bench. Campus Insider, the media outlet that originally broke the story, reported that they could face “between 10 and 15 games.” Either way, the duo could be out for most of November’s slate of games. Oregon self-reported the violation to the NCAA over the summer after the school learned that Artis and Carter had allegedly sold “team-issued Nike sneakers”

More info here.

This “scandal” is more evidence that  college players should be paid. Look at these exclusive shoes? The demand is high…why can’t the players profit off of their gear or in any other way during their time in college? What do you think? 

* Note: Josh Huff only tweeted a picture of his shoes and his is NOT accused of any wrongdoing. I included the picture simply to show how much excitement the gear generates for both the players and the fans.

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