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Ruling: Oscar Pistorius murder trial to be televised live

Posted On: February 25, 2014 | By Tamara N. Holder
Oscar Pistorious in court (Photo courtesy of The Independent)

Oscar Pistorious in court (Photo courtesy of The Independent)

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According to The Independent:

Judge Dunstan Mlambo said the proceedings can be filmed and broadcast on live television with restrictions excluding extreme close-ups and recordings of private conversations. Small, unmanned cameras will be allowed in the courtroom. Audio of the entire trial, witness testimonies, unless they object, closing arguments, judgement and sentencing will be broadcast. Pistorius’ testimony and his witnesses won’t be televised, Pretoria’s High Court ruled. The application to broadcast the trial was brought by Eyewitness News, eNCA and MultiChoice, which has announced plans to launch a 24-hour TV channel- The Oscar Pistorius Trial – starting Sunday. State prosecutors backed calls to televise the trial arguing that it is in the public interest. Meanwhile, the athlete’s legal team said the broadcast denies Pistorius’ right to a fair trial.

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