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Jets RB Chris Johnson drives car with personalized “JUICE28” plates, blows stop sign, arrested for open gun

Posted On: January 17, 2015 | By Tamara N. Holder

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Jets RB Chris Johnson (mugshot courtesy of Orange County Jail)

Jets RB Chris Johnson (mugshot courtesy of Orange County Jail)

Jets RB Chris Johnson seems super cool. Not because he feels the need to drive around town with a semi-automatic gun between his feet, but because of his creativity in his personalized license plate name: JUICE28. That’s super sexy.

According to the police, “An Orlando Police officer stopped Mr. Johnson on a traffic stop at (8:56 p.m.) for failing to stop at a stop sign. When the officer approached Mr. Johnson’s vehicle he saw the handle of a firearm between Mr. Johnson’s feet.”

Via Sporting News:

According to the report, the officer asked Johnson if he had any other weapons in the car. “No, that is the only one,” Johnson replied. But after the officer asked Johnson and his passenger to exit the vehicle and gave the running back one more chance to tell him anything, Johnson said, “Yeah, there is actually a second gun in the bag on the floor.”


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