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NEW! The POKER CARD-All Things Legally Poker By Linda Kenney Baden, Esq.

Posted On: March 1, 2015 | By Linda Kenney Baden

What do we name Linda’s poker section of the Sports Court Media site. My biz partner in the site, Tamara Holder and I sat down this Sunday afternoon to make the sport of poker an official section of Sports Court Media. On the heels of the Global Poker Index American Poker Awards, as written about by my dear friend Nolan Dalla, the timing was right to call an ‘All- In’ about poker. Not just an article or two here and there, but a full section devoted to an analysis of legal cases dealing with poker. And, of course, there will be articles about my personal poker playing experiences.

What to name it? We came up with Stacked, DirtyStacked, Quads and a bunch of non double-entendre based names too boring to repeat. We cannot agree on which to use- yet. So for now it is going to be called the POKER CARD.  As many of you know I entered my first WSOP tourney in December 2013, then in June 2014 I went to my first WSOP in Las Vegas where I placed 318 in the Monster Stack of nearly 8000 players.

318 Finish WSOP Monster Stack

Then last November played in my first Poker Night in America high stakes cash game.

Poker Night in America screenshot chip counts

I have met great new people, great new friends, and have had a blast. Time to give back to the poker community- a sports law news site that analyzes legal cases involving poker/poker players by a poker playing lawyer who has a full-time law practice. (For more about me, see my website www.LindaKenneyBaden.com) Court or legal cases involving poker should be looked at objectively on the facts as any case involving a sport or business is analyzed. Just because it is poker, a game that is played under the umbrella of a government gaming license, should not change that view. A case itself should not cause a black-eye to be attributed to either the sport of poker or the thousands of terrific people who play poker, no more than a malpractice case does to the entire medical profession. And yet, when I mention to people I play poker, sometimes I get the return comment that suggest I am playing a game of a less desirable reputation. Other times people will mention articles they have read about poker cases with the clear inference that maybe I should be playing another card game such as Bridge instead (I am not denigrating Bridge, many people I love play it.) And other times, people are just surprised that a woman is playing poker. In any event, my viewpoint on all legal things poker, with a little gossip, lay ahead.

Ironically, today of all days the poker player twitter team for Phil Ivey followed me on Twitter and I returned the follow. He did this without knowing my analysis of the court suit by Borgata Casino in Atlantic City against him. I am a New Jersey lawyer to my bones as most of my practice and reported decisions come from New Jersey and its federal court system. Most people know me from me peripatetic reputation for cases in different states to defend people accused of serious crimes such as murder. Or as one who has co-written crime novels-including the bestselling REMAINS SILENT (NYT Extended List) and SKELETON JUSTICE with my husband Dr. Michael Baden. Stay tuned to find out my legal analysis.

Until then:

Valjean the Poodle Playing Poker

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One Response to "NEW! The POKER CARD-All Things Legally Poker By Linda Kenney Baden, Esq."

  1. Nolan Dalla says:

    Wonderful to seeing your writing about poker and sharing your vast wisdom and experiences. May you have lots more to write about in the future — including poker victories and champagne dinners.

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