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NFL players should do something, say something, but instead remain silent following Greg Hardy abuse pics, Johny Manziel domestic abuse allegation

Posted On: November 11, 2015 | By Tamara N. Holder

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2015-11-10-fox news sports court-tamara holder-brian woods-greg hardy nfl domestic violence no more psaLast year, the NFL invested in an image makeover after the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy domestic abuse scandals. It even partnered with NO More Organizatin, an anti-domestic violence group. Suddenly, commercial breaks during the games included NO More’s PSA’s of players like Eli Manning, Jason Witten, and Chris Carter saying “NO MORE.” Well isn’t that fitting that there are “No More” PSA’s, and NO MORE players coming out against the recently published pictures of Greg Hardy’s beaten and bruised ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder. After Hardy’s first game following the release of the Deadspin photos, Hardy avoided the NFL-required press conference and fled the stadium, with the help of team assistants. The NFL remains silent and so do its players. Eagles Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce made soft statements about Hardy but nothing of a serious nature has been said. Why aren’t they speaking out? And as for the players’ union – the NFLPA – its Director of Communications, Carl Francis, told TMZ Sports, “We stand by our decision to appeal his suspension…We have a fiduciary responsibility to protect players rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.” Joining Fox News’ Tamara Holder on Sports Court is FXFL’s Commissioner Brian Wood.

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