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Johnny Manziel parties in Vegas; should Browns cut ties? Jared Max joins Fox News’ Tamara Holder on “Sports Court”

Posted On: January 5, 2016 | By Tamara N. Holder

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Jared Max joins Tamara Holder on Sports Court

Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel should’ve been home nursing his concussion – although NOT REQUIRED by the team or NFL – during the Browns’ final game of the 2015 season at the Pittsburgh Steelers…but instead…he was “apparently” partying in Vegas. Johnny Football reportedly went INCOGNITO, wearing – I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP: A BLONDE WIG, FAKE MUSTACHE, SUNGLASSES, AND WAS GOING BY THE NAME “BILLY.”

The next day, he was pictured at a grocery store in Cleveland buying wine. Manziel’s hard partying ways are no secret – BUT WILL THE BROWNS FINALLY SAY “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?”

Joining Sports Court host Tamara Holder is Jared Max, who says “Johnny Manziel is not on probation, nothing criminal here…he hasn’t done anything but break maybe team policy…it isn’t against the law to put on a wig.” More of our DEBATE below:

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