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Could tennis’s biggest stars be headed for prison? Buzzfeed/BBC report prompts invesigation

Posted On: January 19, 2016 | By Tamara N. Holder

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Is there a dark underbelly to the world of professional tennis? After a year-long investigation, Buzzfeed and the BBC report its has “evidence of widespread match-fixing” with a core group of 16 players, all of whom have ranked in the top 50. The governing bodies of tennis deny the report Chris Kermode, chair of the Association of Tennis Professionals Executive said gambling is not a widespread issue. But there are stories of blatant requests, for example: Arvind Parmar said that in 2004, while he was playing in Holland and a man approached him as he was walking off the court with a envelope and told him to throw the game. This is potentially the biggest scandal in professional sports. This isn’t Lance Armstrong — one guy taking steroids. It isn’t Pete Rose — one guy betting on baseball. This is the whole sport. But who is going to investigate? Britian’s PM David Cameron called for an immediate investigation to the alleged worldwide crime ring? Attorney Domenic Romano joins Fox News’ Tamara Holder on “Sports Court” to discuss:

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