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Is this the end of football as we know it? Pop Warner sued, accused of causing CTE

Posted On: January 27, 2016 | By Tamara N. Holder

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At just 25- years old, Joseph Chernach hanged himself in his parents shed. His brother immediately suggested his brain be tested…which revealed he had CTE, the degenerative brain disease caused by multiple hits to the head. Joseph wasn’t a NFL player. He didn’t play football in college either.

Sports Court host Tamara Holder and Kimberly Archie

Sports Court host Tamara Holder and Kimberly Archie

But…Joseph played football from 5th grade through his senior year of high school. His family is now suing Pop Warner, the youth football league he played in from the time he was 11-14 years old.. America has now seen the Concussion movie. So what now? Do parents allow their kids to play football? Joining Fox News Tamara Holder on Sports Court is legal consultant Kimberly Archie:

There are many opinions out there…and here are just a few…the question is, are you as a parent willing to even take the risk when, even if you don’t believe all of the science?

  • December 2015: Dr. Bennet Omalu wrote a New York Times editorial “Don’t Let Kids Play Football,” arguing youth, between the ages of 18 to 25 should not play football because the brain is not fully developed. He said “repetitive blows to the head” but youth “risk of permanent brain damage.”
  • Dr. Robert Cantu, neurosurgeon and co-director of Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy: “I think he’s [Dr. Omalu] a bright guy, but he’s often a loose cannon and has opinions that aren’t based on practicality or science.”
  • Dr. Ken Adamsneuropsychologist at University of Michigan: “But the science underlying the precise sweeping prescriptions like that just isn’t there.”
  • November 2015: US Soccer bans headers for youth soccer players under the age of 11, in response to concussion lawsuit
  • October 2015: The American Academy of Pediatrics: Against complete ban on tackling because a ban would “fundamentally change the game;” however, suggests coaches should teach proper tackling techniques fox news-sports court-tamara holder-cte-concussions-youth football
  • March 2015: The American Academy of Neurology: Recommends that legislators and policymakers create legislation and regulations to minimize concussions but does not call for ban 
  • August 2011: American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Pediatric Society“Vigorously opposes” all high-impact sports that can cause concussions to youth under 19.


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