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Media intentionally ignoring Peyton Manning HGH claims in Al Jazeera documentary?

Posted On: January 14, 2016 | By Tamara N. Holder

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2016-1-5-fox news sports court-peyton manning-hgh-2
Al Jazeera recently reported that a clinic sent multiple shipments of Human Growth Hormone to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s home back in 2011 when he was recovering from a neck injury…but the packages were addressed to his wife Ashley. Was she the one who was using the fountain of youth herself? Or was she covering for her hubby? HGH is a banned substance by the NFL. So this is potentially another cheating scandal. The truth remains to be determined. But some think the media are intentionally burying the story altogether…unlike, say, Deflategate. Joining Fox News’ Tamara Holder on “Sports Court” is Fox News Radio host Jared Max.  Issues discussed: Before the documentary even aired, the main source, apparently an intern at the clinic, recanted. Isn’t there a difference between wait and see vs deliberately avoiding the topic? Former Bears head coach Mike Ditka said Al Jazeera “is not a credible news organization” and Keyshawn Johnson said “if he said he didn’t do it, he didn’t do it.” Shouldn’t they be careful and wait? And last, the documentary as a whole, true or not came from confidential information within a doctor’s office. This isn’t Jose Canseco outing his former teammates. This isn’t coming from a congressional hearing.

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