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EXCLUSIVE: Gov’t hiding immigration file on accused pedophile, former Olympic swim coach, now an American citizen believed to have molested countless children

Posted On: February 8, 2016 | By Tamara N. Holder

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Accused pedophile George Gibney from Ireland given US citizenship

Accused pedophile George Gibney from Ireland given US citizenship

Immigration into America is a hot topic these days, whether legal or illegal. Debates surround whether we should grant amnesty to Mexicans who have lived here illegally for years or whether we should accept Muslim refugees from places like Syria.

But there are other immigration issues that are swept under the rug. What about dangerous people from other countries that our Dept of Homeland Security is legally allowing into our country? Take Irish national George Gibney.

Gibney was an Irish national and Olympic swim coach. He resigned in the 80’s, however, when numerous former students accused him of sexually molesting him. He was even charged with 27 crimes but the cases was dismissed simply because the Irish government said too much time had passed. Not only was this Gibney’s “get out of jail free card” but it was also his “get out of Ireland” card. Within days after the case was dropped, Gibney fled his native country and entered the United States, legally. After Gibney fled, a commission investigated the claims and ruled that he did commit these crimes against children.

Now, California-based journalist Irvin Munchnick is on a mission to find out how this man was accepted into our country. He’s requested Gibney’s immigration file from Homeland Security but the United States refuses to share the file, saying Gibney’s privacy outweighs the public’s interest.

This is a story that EVERYONE should know: (video below, direct link here)


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