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2015-5-2-22-Tamara-HolderBelow are the most viewed Fox News “Sports Court” segments with host Tamara Holderfrom August 2015-February 2016. For additional segments, please visit the Fox News Sports Court link here.

  1.         Justice served in Jameis Winston sex assault case?          
  2.         Bengals peep show: Time for change in NFL locker room?            
  3.         Ray Rice still looking for a job     
  4.         Cops probe high school football players who blindsided ref         
  5.         Serena’s body makes headlines               
  6.         Is Suh dirtiest NFL player or just aggressive?       
  7.         NFL star’s wife accused of headbutting cop         
  8.         Triathlete fights for gender equality in Ironman
  9.         No NFL players arrested in September; 1st time since 2009         
  10.       Eli Manning reportedly wants to be ‘highest-paid’ NFL player     

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